Researchers at the Institute for Nuclear Research of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow and the Russian Research Center of the Kurchatov Institute have presented plans for a 1,000-ton detector at the Baksan Neutrino Observatory beneath the Caucasus Mountains. The scientists say their experiment could confirm the existence of the georeactor within a few years. Meanwhile, a team at the Kernfysisch Versneller Institute in the Netherlands advocates building a similar antineutrino detector below the Caribbean island of Curaçao. The site is more than 600 miles from the nearest nuclear power plant, which would simplify identifying antineutrinos from Earth’s core. …All they need now is about $50 million to become a reality.

What’s Cooking at the Center of the Earth? Brad Lemley, Discover, July 2004


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Eugene Sittampalam


Subject:     Generator Earth Central
Date:          Monday 21 June 2004


The Editor



Dear Editor,
What’s Cooking at the Center of the Earth? Discover, July 2004
It was indeed elating to read the above R & D news item on the possibility now of a set of next-generation antineutrino detectors coming on stream early.

“The controversial idea that Earth has a nuclear reactor at its core” may have found its final theoretical justification in my 1999 book, And now, the long-awaited... Theory of Everything. (Strictly, it is the fluid outer core that is most radioactive, the process peaking in the final neutron decay at the region of the outer boundary.) My subsequent letters to neutrino observatories, LIGO, and UCLA (please see KamLAND Test and UCLA Test), too, may have had an effect on researchers to seriously consider this now obvious Earth model for complete answers.

Nevertheless, it is most encouraging to note that antineutrino probes to focus primarily on Earth’s core are on the drawing board at least in Russia and the Netherlands. “All they need now is about $50 million to become a reality.” I do hope Discover would take a leading role in persuading the great funding agencies to make this small investment for a payback that would be truly priceless to science. Indeed, I hereby predict the ramifications will be – literally cosmic!
Best regards,
Eugene Sittampalam


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