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Subject:            Precision Cosmology

Date:                Monday 9 August 2004 




Drs Sarah L Bridle, Ofer Lahav and Jeremiah P Ostriker
Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge, UK


Dr Paul J Steinhardt
Department of Physics, Princeton University, NJ

Dear Drs Bridle, Lahav, Ostriker and Steinhardt,
Guth's theory of inflation... has since vanquished every theoretical challenge and grown stronger with each new cosmological finding...
Brad Lemley, Discover, April 2002, pp 32-39.

“I found myself getting really angry,” one cosmologist said after reading [Sittampalam’s] paper. “It must have hit some real insecurity.”
Jennifer Kahn, some pages down (66-71) in the same above issue of Discover.

The answer is no, as the WMAP team has itself indicated. There remains room for radical alternatives. An example is the cyclic picture, in which the universe undergoes a periodic sequence of cycles...
299, 1532-1533 (7 March 2003).
This was your inestimable response to “whether the WMAP data are uniquely consistent with the standard inflationary Big Bang picture.”

Such rational conclusions and statements as in (3) – not only from the mounting hard evidence but also from the positions you hold in the academe – are most commendable and reassuring to the future of science.

Your above Science perspective was aptly titled, “Precision Cosmology? Not Just Yet...”
Presenting the best alternative now may be my cyclic and all-embracing model. For more, also on the above three items, please do click on,
The Cosmological Redshift, and other related pages therein.

Truth will out; and I take my hat off to women and men of your caliber.

letter to Project APOLLO last month may also be of interest to you.
Thank you and best regards.
Eugene Sittampalam

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