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Subject:       Project APOLLO
Date:           Tuesday 27 July 2004


NASA and the National Science Foundation are funding a new facility in New Mexico, the Apache Point Observatory Lunar Laser-ranging Operation or, appropriately, "APOLLO" for short. Using a 3.5-meter telescope with good atmospheric "seeing," researchers there will examine the moon's orbit with millimeter precision, 10 times better than before.



Drs James Williams, Dale Boggs, and Jean Dickey
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
California Institute of Technology
Pasadena, CA 91109

Dear Esteemed Researchers,
One small step for NASA and NSF, one giant leap for science

Time sure flies when you’re in absorbing research. Four years have passed since our last e-mail and other exchanges. (For a refresher, please click on: NASA Tests.) Nevertheless, it was most reassuring to read the above headline news from NASA.

Whether or not my correspondences with you and the Administration inspired and motivated this new project or even had a say in it is of little relevance now. What really matters is that one of the greatest discoveries of all time is now well within our grasp. I am confident that the improved lunar laser-range measurements will confirm predictions beyond a doubt and usher in the quantum gravity model that I have propounded in my book and web pages. (Do see Synopsis for an updated overview even though you may still have the book.)
Wish you all every success in your continuing endeavors.
Any research news or preprints would be gratefully received.
With best regards,
Eugene Sittampalam



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