Text Box: While the hydrogen atom problem has a general solution in both quantum and classical physics, the addition of a second electron makes the helium atom a complex three-body problem that has no known general solution in either theory [G. Tanner et al., Rev. Mod. Phys 72, 597 (2000)].
Probing Two-Electron Dynamics of an Atom, S. N. Pisharody & R. R. Jones (Department of Physics, University of Virginia) Science 303, 813-815 (6 February 2004)
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ADDENDA The Cosmological Redshift The Neutrino
Two-Slit Tests The Galaxy Nuclear Reactions
NASA Tests Gravity The Sun
KamLAND Test Anti-Gravity The Pulsar
UCLA Test Relativity Superconductivity
Q and A Mass-Energy Fusion Energy
 Eugene Sittampalam
 9 January 2008